What is dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning a garment involves using chemicals such as perchloroethylene. No water is used. Certain fabrics suffer from shrinkage or change in the fabric when immersed in water.

When I bring clothes to a dry cleaner, are all my clothes actually dry cleaned?
There are 2 methods in cleaning; either using chemicals such as perchloroethylene or washing in water. To clean a specific garment, care instructions would generally be indicated on the care label. Your dry cleaner would choose the best method to treat and clean your garment.

Why are ladies' shirts more expensive to do than men's shirts?
Ladies' shirt/blouses come in a variety of cuts and sizes. Yes, men's and ladies' cotton shirts are cleaned/washed in the same fashion, but the difference in pricing is incurred because ladies' shirts come in different cuts and thus require more time and labour to press the ladies' shirts.

If no one is home, can I still arrange for a pickup or delivery?
Yes. If no one is home, an arrangement can be made where we designate a pickup or dropoff zone on your property. For example, between the storm door or along the side of a house.

Why is there such a wide range in pricing between dry cleaners?
Every dry cleaner runs their business in a different manner, and prices accordingly. For example, level of experience, packaging and service all affect the price. You, as the customer, are the true judge of deciding the worth and value of the service you are paying for.